Rave reviews for The Kendra Todd Group

“Bottom Line: I trust Kendra…She is the real deal!”

Lorie_SalvadorWhen Kendra and I crossed paths, I began to realize how she evaluated any situation when it came to real estate; what her criteria was for choosing an area to buy property. After that, I knew I was walking into a great market at the right time. It was a really low priced, low risk property and because of it I’m on my way to more purchasing, especially with Kendra and her awesome team. Bottom Line: I trust Kendra! She has let it be known that she wants anyone and everyone she works with to succeed in real estate and in life. She is the real deal! ~ Lorie Salvador

“I have FINALLY found someone that I can trust…My only regret is that we did not meet earlier.”

david_berg‘I have had the utmost pleasure in dealing with Kendra Todd over the past couple of years, and as a direct result of her involvement, I am now a very happy real estate owner. More importantly, after investing in real estate for some 20 + years, I have FINALLY found someone that I can trust, that has a great support team behind her, and that I can count on to be both behind me and beside me in my current and future business dealings. My only regret is that we did not meet earlier.” ~ David Berg

“Kendra Todd is the epitome of an all-star professional…”

anton_anderson‘Kendra Todd is the epitome of an all-star professional. She is energetic, passionate, dedicated, and consistently goes above and beyond what is required of her. From the day we began working together, her team has gone the extra mile to make sure our short and long-term goals were met. I would jump on an opportunity to work with her again.’ ~ Anton Anderson

“She took time to explain all aspects of the deal…An excellent Agent!”

amanda_judd_lee‘It was evident that The Kendra Todd Group had our best interest in mind from the very start. She took time to explain all aspects of the deal and considerations. She wanted to make sure that we were comfortable and happy with all our decisions. An excellent Agent!’ ~ Judd & Amanda Lee

“We’re very happy with our new home!”


The Kendra Todd Group was amazing. We felt very comfortable in her representation of our best interests. She was also great at asking all of the right questions and filtering our answers to help us pinpoint exactly what we were looking for. We’re very happy with our new home! We’re relatively new to the area, and don’t know anyone buying/selling just yet, but we look forward to sending business her direction whenever the opportunity presents itself.” ~ Eric Braun & Marley Peale

‘We could not have asked for anything more…”


‘We could not have asked for anything more with the quality of service and professionalism we received from The Kendra Todd Group. She was extremely well organized and served us well. This was a unique and intricate transaction. We’re convinced we would not have gotten our house if it wasn’t for Stacey.’ ~ Kirsten & Troy Kendrick

“She dedicated…hours to find that perfect home!”

Chris & nate nelson

‘KTG’s expertise and commitment to taking the time to learn about us and our needs paid off. She dedicated her weekends and evenings to meet us for hours to find that perfect home! Her professionalism, dedication & knowledge lead us to our first home and we would never have found it without her. Thanks so much!’ ~ Chris Nelson

“Everyone…is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable”

‘My sister and I purchased a property through The Kendra Todd Group. Everyone on her team is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable – always returned our phone calls, answered our questions and were available to us for additional information. We hope to do more purchasing with Kendra’s team in the future and I would encourage anyone who is not sure how to get started, to talk to Kendra’s team!!’ ~ Cindy Soldal & Bonnie Schaeffel

“Very responsible, polite, caring, and helpful…”

‘I appreciate your time and the efficient care with which you have taken. You have been very responsible, polite, caring, and helpful, which are three qualities that are rare to find in today’s society. Thank you for making this condo purchase so much easier.’ ~ Betty Carlton

‘Thank you Kendra for the personal attention…especially for such a small transaction”

Thank you Kendra for the personal attention. I appreciate all you and your team has done for me especially for such a small transaction. You are a very special talent. Keep up the great work!’ ~ Don Coburn

“Kendra’s team is very professional and courteous.”

‘Working with The Kendra Todd Group has been a very positive and pleasant experience. Kendra’s team is very professional and courteous. My questions are answered in a knowledgeable and timely manner. Anyone working with the Kendra Todd Group can feel confident in receiving professional advice and assistance. Anyone looking to work with a quality and experienced company should seriously consider The Kendra Todd Group. I highly recommend them!’ ~ Eileen Dodd