Seattle’s Hottest Neighborhoods: Kendra Reveals Best Real Estate Buys on KING 5

Kendra Todd shares Seattle’s hot housing spots on KING 5: New Day NW


Best Neighborhood For A First Home:


Because of the availability of affordable bungalows and short drive to Seattle city-center , the best neighborhood for first time buyers in Seattle is Ballard. This neighborhood has enough small craftsman and bungalows for sale at starter home prices, under $399,000 to make this my #1 choice for first-time homebuyers. Even though there are outer lying areas where you can get more house for your money, you just can’t beat the Ballard location and abundance of amenities and happenings. For the price –its worth trading size for lifestyle, especially for young Seattle urbanites.
But you’d better act fast. The average time on market for these homes is only 4-6 weeks.

Best Waterfront Bargain:


In 2007, waterfront property for under $1 million in Seattle simply did NOT exist. It was unfathomable, an old wives tale people told about real estate “back in the old days…long long ago.” Not the case today. There’s one specific and small corridor along Lake Washington where you can actually purchase true waterfront property for under $1 million. On Rainier Ave. South there are now 9 waterfront homes for sale under $999,000!

Best New Construction Buy:


If you’re on the lucky ones with a secure job, money in the bank, and an idea to move up to a larger, nicer home… you’re moving to Sammamish. That’s where those looking for a screamin deal for an upscale, spacious brand-spanking new home are smiling all the way to the bank. In Sammamish, prices are down for new construction up to 30%.  In 2007, at the peak of the market, new construction homes in Sammamish were selling around $315/sqft. Today you can purchase that same brand new home for closer to $210/sqft. To put it in perspective, a 3000sqft new construction home that sold in 2007 for $945,000 you can buy today for $630,000. That’s a great buy in a great area. Sammamish is known for its excellent schools and family-oriented sense of community.

Best Affordable View:


West Seattle still has some of the lowest home prices in the Seattle metro area. Houses for sale in West Seattle are about 15% lower than north of the ship canal. This area is a bit more remote, but the commute to downtown is no longer than from neighborhoods in the north, like Green Lake or Ravenna. West Seattle is like a suburb because it has retained a small town charm. Surrounded by Elliott Bay, this quaint neighborhood is a great starting point for those looking for a small home for sale at a good price. Especially Delridge/Pigeon Point area of West Seattle.  You can still get a cute house there under $400K.

Best Comeback Market:


It may not be Seattle, but Tacoma is the second-largest city in the lovely Puget Sound region. Its worthy of mention since Tacoma made national headlines by topping Moody’s Economy list as the #1 city in America set to go from slump to bump over the next 3-5 years. I think that’s worth mentioning…

The city’s abundance of government jobs, bountiful outdoor activities, and proximity to Seattle–just 32 miles away–helped drive home prices higher during the first half of the decade. But as the national housing crash picked up steam, Tacoma saw its real estate market decline sharply. Home prices in Tacoma dropped 24 percent from their peaks, but are expected to bounce back strongly, with home prices increasing 22 percent by the first quarter of 2012 and 41 percent by the first quarter of 2014. The area’s large military presence and diversified economy will help to support rising home prices going forward. They also have one of the nation’s busiest ports, the Port of Tacoma, which is an international deep-water port. Although most international trade is down currently, the long-term outlook is good.

Best Bang for Your Buck Overall:


A great all-around neighborhood for families, singles and seniors, Shoreline has made multiple appearances in the Top 10 rankings of many magazines and media sources and does it again with me.  A lot of young families are moving to Shoreline after selling their first smaller condo and buying bigger homes at a good price point and still close to the city. High scores in all categories and a median home price of $352,000 for a 4bd/1.75 bath home. Best Affordable area for move-up buyers looking for more space but still near the city.

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